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what we do

Initial Scope

Our work is initially focused on families and children, ages pre-natal through third grade, in the Dodgeland School District and the Watertown Unified School District. As success is demonstrated, our scope will expand to include all families and children in Jefferson and Dodge Counties.

Measures of Success

Every Child Thrives will drive long-term change in three areas:

  1. Strong Families -
    • Strengthen families to reduce child abuse and neglect
    • Increase opportunities for positive social and emotional development
    • Increase community supports to promote resiliency
  2. All Children Ready for Kindergarten - All children have the social and emotional skills needed to succeed in school
  3. All Children Succeed in School - All children reading proficiently by third grade

Strategic Action Plan

Click here for the Every Child Thrives Strategic Action Plan, which includes updates on recent progress.

Resources to Ensure Success

We have engaged best practice resources to guide our work:

  1. Results Based Accountability - A data and results-based process that quickly moves communities from talk to action using standard language and common sense methods
  2. Campaign for Grade Level Reading - A national network of more than 300 communities working to improve child outcomes as measured through kindergarten readiness and third grade reading proficiency
  3. National Council for Behavioral Health's Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Learning Community - A national effort to support development of communities and organizations that support resiliency
  4. Backbone Support - The Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation has committed to providing backbone staff for at least five years to facilitate the long-term success of Every Child Thrives

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