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The vision of Every Child Thrives is that all children thrive in health, learning and life. Building the awareness and capacity of our community to realize this vision is an important part of our collective impact effort.

Children who have faced adversity need supportive relationships, adaptive skill-building and positive experiences to develop resilience so they can be successful. In recent years, there has been a growing movement to make communities aware of the prevalence of childhood trauma, how it affects a child's brain development, and how trauma-informed approaches can help children and families be resilient so they can move forward and be productive, healthy citizens.

Every Child Thrives leaders are encouraging businesses, non-profits, schools, healthcare providers, social and government agencies to adopt trauma-informed approaches that build community resilience. Join us today by signing our Community Resilience Pledge. Organizations that pledge will be provided information, resources, and support as needed from Every Child Thrives Partners.

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We understand there is a definite correlation between the experience of trauma and resulting behavioral and health problems when the effects of adverse experiences go unrecognized and unaddressed.

As a community we express a shared commitment to understand and address the causes and consequences of trauma, and to build protective factors that support a strong, resilient community where children and families thrive.

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