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The foundation for lifelong health and success begins during pregnancy and the earliest years of life, with 90% of brain development occurring over a child's first three years. Secure attachment through responsive, caring interactions with adults is critical for healthy development. The lack of responsive relationships - or the presence of prolonged stress in a young child's life - can have lifelong impacts on cognitive and social growth.

Too many children lack the secure relationships and early learning opportunities necessary for optimal development. By working together, we ensure that every child has the best chance to succeed in life.


Together, we can move the needle on these statistics to ensure that in our community Every Child Thrives

Accountable For Results

Every Child Thrives' partners use data to drive decisions and align resources to support what works. Collectively, we hold ourselves accountable for "moving the needle" on the following priorities.

Every Child Thrives Community Scorecard. Every child thrives in 
health, learning and life


Our communities are at a crossroads. While the business economy has rebounded from recession levels, quality of life for too many of our residents has not. More families are struggling to meet basic needs. In some of our zip codes, as many as 57% of families are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, meaning their annual income is lower than our cost of living.* Rates of mental health disorders, substance abuse, and child maltreatment have risen notably over the last 3 years.

Our community’s social challenges have perhaps the greatest impact on those most critical to our future prosperity: our children. Every Child Thrives aligns the efforts and resources of 30+ organizations across Dodge and Jefferson Counties so that every child thrives in health, learning and life.

Strong Families

The Need:


All Children Ready for Kindergarten

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All Children Succeed in School

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*; **ECT Target Area: 53094, 53016, 53039, 53098, 53557, and 53579