Welcome to the temporary landing page of the Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation (GWCHF). With a mission of promoting and enhancing the health and wellness of our community, our foundation was created out of the September, 2015, joint venture transaction between Watertown Regional Medical Center and LifePoint Health.

The value of WRMC was built, in part, on the community's support of WRMC over the last century, and the GWCHF will carry on this legacy of health by providing resources into perpetuity to enhance the health status of our community. The Foundation is independent, non-profit and governed by its own community board of directors.

In addition to our grant making role, the GWCHF holds the community's 20% ownership in WRMC. The foundation appoints 50% of the WRMC joint venture board and is responsible to represent our community's interest in ensuring that all joint venture covenants are maintained.

We are very excited about the opportunities this foundation will create for our community, and we are taking very seriously our responsibility to utilize foundation resources to effectively enhance our community's health and well-being. For this reason, we will take the 18-24 months that has been recommended by Foundation experts to solidify strategic plans and processes before beginning grant making.

The First Step
The first step in our strategic planning process is an assessment of community health needs. In addition to reviewing data, we are taking the opportunity to meet with community leaders and residents of the region to learn:

What are our greatest health challenges?
What barriers to good health exist across our region?
What are our region's strengths and assets related to health?
What community organizations, individuals or initiatives are already doing great work that promotes health?

Would you like to play a role in transforming the health of our region? We invite you to Contact us now to share your interest and to provide your perspective on our community's health needs and assets.
Thank you.
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