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Catalyst for Health

As a catalyst for health, we mobilize resources through five funding mechanisms:
  1. Grantmaking - An annual grant cycle invites community organizations to respond to a Request for Proposal to address targeted barriers to health. Projects are driven by community organizations, with GWCHF providing funding to support implementation of proven and innovative practices.
  2. Directed Initiatives are driven by GWCHF, designed for maximum impact and to foster partnerships that effectively "move the needle" on community health indicators for a target population.
  3. Capacity Building - GWCHF funds leadership development and technical assistance to help local organizations expand their capacity to serve our community.
  4. Collaboration Building - Real change happens when a core group of community leaders is able to put aside individual agenda in favor of a collective approach. Click here to learn more about collective impact.
  5. Grant Writing - GWCHF provides grant writing services to gain external funding for collaborative initiatives within our focus areas.

Investing for Results

GWCHF holds itself accountable for measurably improving community health indicators. We invest in:

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