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We are pleased to announce our 2018 grant cycle featuring Spark! Health Grants and Changemaker Health Grants.

View our formal Request for Proposals to learn more about our grant opportunities and application deadlines.

Funding is available in three areas:

Before Developing a Proposal

How to Apply

Proposals must be submitted using our on-line grants management software. Visit our Online Grants Manager Instructions page to view applicant instructions, FAQs and tips.

The GWCHF serves the residents of Dodge and Jefferson Counties with priority given to projects impacting the communities served by the following school districts: Dodgeland, Hustisford, Ixonia, Jefferson, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Waterloo and Watertown.

Click here to view our service area map.

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map of service area

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Spark! Health Grants

Spark! Health Grants are designed to spark excitement for health transformation in our communities. We're making it easy for organizations to quickly move forward by using a simplified grant application with minimal requirements. This one-time grant process is meant to ignite passion in our grantees and open the door to purposeful use of proven and innovative strategies. Spark! Health Grants will fund up to $5,000 per project for work to be completed within 12 months. To help potential applicants understand and prepare for the application process, we've provided our Evaluation Criteria below. To preview the full application, see our Online Grant Application.

Evaluation Criteria

Changemaker Health Grants

Changemaker Health Grants provide substantial funding for programs that produce measurable improvements in healthy living or in healthy childhood development. We are looking to support innovative, collaborative and evidenced-based strategies that result in transformation. Proposals must have defined methods for measuring outcomes. Changemaker Health Grants will fund up to $100,000 for work to be completed within 12 months. In cases where additional time may be needed for a program to become fully sustainable, we will consider requests up $200,000 to be completed within 24 months. In this case, the applicant must identify clear deliverables for each year. Funding beyond the 12 months would be dependent upon meeting year-one deliverables. To help potential applicants understand and prepare for the application process, we've provided our Evaluation Criteria below. To preview the full application, see our Online Grant Application.

Evaluation Criteria

GWCHF Grant Making Policies

A. Eligibility Guidelines

All funded projects must serve residents of Dodge and Jefferson Counties with priority given to those most greatly impacting residents of the following school districts: Dodgeland, Hustisford, Ixonia, Jefferson, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Waterloo and Watertown.

Eligible organizations include 501c(3) designated non-profits and governmental agencies including schools. Religious organizations are invited to apply for funding for activities that benefit the larger community. Individuals and for-profits are not eligible for funding.

B. GWCHF's Objective: Measurable Improvements in Health and Wellbeing

We are looking to invest in:

C. What We Fund:

See GWCHF's Allowable Costs for Grants Policy.

D. What We Do Not Fund:

We are unable to fund:

While GWCHF does not contribute to "bricks and mortar" fundraising campaigns, GWCHF's directed initiatives may include capital investments which promote health equity and are:

× equality doesn't mean Equity
Health equity is the attainment of the highest level of health for all people. Health equity efforts ensure all people have full and equal access to opportunities that enable them to lead healthy lives.

E. Grant Making Processes

  1. Each grant cycle, the foundation will develop a formal Request for Proposals which outlines objectives, the application process and timeline, funding available and criteria for decision making. GWCHF anticipates offering one grant cycle each year. The foundation does not accept proposals outside of the annual grant cycle.
  2. GWCHF will hold in person and/or web workshops to inform potential applicants about the cycle's objectives and processes.
  3. GWCHF seeks to collaborate with grant seekers and invites applicants to participate in proactive dialogue with the foundation as the grant proposal is being developed.
  4. All applicants will complete an on-line grant application process.
  5. The Board will provide final approval of all awards.
  6. GWCHF reserves the right to determine the amount of each grant awarded, the timing of payments and reporting requirements.

GWCHF makes an effort to minimize sponsorships so that it can use its resources to drive focused improvements in health. However, on a very limited basis, the Foundation will sponsor an educational event or conference if it:

GWCHF will not sponsor fundraising events or purely social events. Any events sponsored by the Foundation must be located in Dodge or Jefferson County or provide information or resources to a large number of Dodge and Jefferson County residents.

Allowable costs for grants policy

Indirect expenses are not funded expenses. GWCHF expects that partner organizations have the existing financial strength to carry on routine business. Therefore rent, insurance, maintenance and repair and personnel costs for support staff not involved in the project are not reimbursable.

Grant Cycle FAQs

Q: Will you be offering Spark! Health Grants annually?

A: We are happy to again offer Spark! Health Grants, designed to engage a wide variety of community partners in health improvement. We anticipate offering one grant cycle annually; the specific opportunities available will be identified by the Board prior to each cycle.

Q: Can my organization apply for more than one grant?

A: Yes. Each grant request will be evaluated on its own merit. Please apply only for projects/programs you can successfully manage. Future awards are dependent on an organization's ability to follow-through on all commitments for awarded grants.

Q: How many grants do you anticipate giving out in 2018?

A: We anticipate funding up to 35 Spark Health Grants and 5-8 Changemaker Health Grants in 2018. The number of grants awarded will be dependent on the number of applications which meet our defined criteria and the requested value for each.

Q: The grant application asks applicants to identity the "output" or "outcome" measures for proposed grants. What are you looking for?

A: As you are developing your project/program, ask yourself:

  1. What changes in behavior will this program/project promote?
  2. What degree of change will you consider a success?
  3. How many people will experience this level of success?

  4. "Outputs" are short term measures of success. Spark! Health Grant applications should identify desired project outputs. Changemaker! Grant applicants should identify milestone "outputs" that will measure progress in the short term then identify the desired long term "outcomes". Click here to view sample list Output and Outcome measures that could be customized to your project.

Have additional questions? Contact us at

Access the Online Grants Manager

Access the Online Grants Manager to create a new account and apply for a grant

We use an Online Grants Manager to make it easy for you to apply for grant funding. The information we've provided here will help guide you through the online application process. If at any time you need additional help, please contact Andi Merfeld, Office and Grants Coordinator at 920.390.4000 or

How it works

A grant applicant creates an account in the Online Grants Manager, and then logs in to that account to access the list of available grants and start a new grant application. Your application can be saved as a draft, and when you log on again it's easy to return to that draft, make edits, and submit the application. Each account maintains a record of the application history that you can access at any time.

Once a grant is awarded, the Online Grants Manager allows grantees an easy way to see the status of their grant, check due dates, and submit electronic grant reports right from their account.

We recommend that you carefully read the instructions and reference materials found on this page before registering and starting your first application.

Creating your online account

All applicants are required to create an account. We suggest creating your account well in advance of the grant deadline to avoid any last minute issues. At the time of registration you are required to enter the following information:

It's important to enter this information accurately at registration, because after this point the organization profile can only be edited by GWCHF staff.

A user account can only be connected to one organization at a time. If you are a grantwriter for multiple organizations, please contact us to discuss your options.

Managing your online account

Once your account is set up, your account dashboard is displayed on screen every time you log in. From the dashboard, you can:


Q: What browser do you recommend I use?

A: For the best user experience when accessing our Online Grants Manager, we suggest using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome 14 or higher, Firefox 9 or higher, or Safari 4 or higher. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer.

Q: Do you have sample budget document I can view?

A: We have one budget document you are required to use when submitting your budget. Click here to view and download the budget document into Microsoft Excel.

Q: Can I view a printable version of the application questions?

A: Yes. There are two ways you can do this.

  • To preview and print the application, open the online grants manager and click the preview button for the desired grant.
  • After you register, from your Applicant Dashboard, click Apply on the left column. Find the grant you will be applying for and click the Apply button. Click the Questions List in the upper right corner of your screen. This will download a pdf to your computer, which you can now view and print.

Q: What is the Fax to File Tool?

A: The purpose of this tool is to help you convert documents from hard copy format to digital format so that they may be uploaded as instructed during the application process. To access the tool and to view instructions, click the Fax to File link on the left hand side of your dashboard.

Q: How do I upload files to the application?

A: For application questions that request an uploaded attachment, click the Upload a File button and then choose the desired document from your computer. The file name of the uploaded file will be indicated under the Upload a File button. Pay attention to your file names - remove periods or replace them with a dash or underscore character. You may only upload one document per question.

Q: What is the maximum allowable file upload size?

A: The file size limit is noted next to the Upload a File button and the system will not accept files greater than this limit. Some users have trouble with appropriate settings on a scanner and end up with larger file sizes. If these documents are converted using the Fax to File tool, the file size can be dramatically decreased.

Q: How do I delete a file that I've uploaded to the application?

A: There are two ways to remove an uploaded file from an application: 1. Once the file has been uploaded a delete button will appear below the file name. Clicking Delete will remove the file. 2. To replace the file, a new file can be uploaded in its place. Simply upload the new file to the question and the previous file will be replaced.

Q: Can I upload more than one file in one upload field?

A: Applicants can only upload a single document in response to an upload question. If an applicant has more than one file they need to upload, they need to combine the files either electronically or via scanning. There are two methods applicants can use:

  • If the files to be uploaded are in a format that is editable (such as Word or Excel), the applicant may take multiple Word documents or Excel sheets and combine them into one file.
  • If the files are not easily edited (PDF or physical copies), they may be combined by utilizing the Fax-to-File tool.
Q: Why am I having trouble uploading a file?

A: There a couple different reasons one may experience file upload issues:

  • File names - Remove periods or replace them with a dash or underscore character.
  • File size - Files that exceed the maximum file size limit will cause an error. Compress the files or use Fax to File to create a smaller file.
Q. Do I need to complete my application all at one time?

A: No, you can return to an unfinished application by logging in to the Online Grants Manager and clicking Dashboard.

Online System Tips - Things to Know