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Can't mask our gratitude!
Join the 20,000 Messages of Thanks Challenge.
During these challenging times, a little gratitude goes a long way! Let's all work together to spread messages of thankfulness far and wide this winter season.
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Gratitude cards available at no cost to you

Gratitude cards with envelopes are available to businesses, schools, churches, libraries, civic groups and any other organizations in Dodge and Jefferson County. Distribute them to students, employees, families, customers and community members and encourage them to write notes of gratitude to others who have brightened their day! We hope to spread 20,000 messages of thanks throughout our community.
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How to get gratitude cards:

Complete the online form to request that cards be delivered to your location. Cards with envelopes are available in bundles of 100. Request as many bundles as you’d like! There is no limit to the amount of gratitude we can spread.
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request gratitude cards

Express gratitude and spread joy. Brought to you by partners of Every Child Thrives.

Community Pick Up Locations for Cards

If you'd like more than 100 cards, please order them online. If you are looking for a smaller quantity, cards are available at the following locations. We recommend calling ahead to check hours of operation and availability.


UW Madison Division of Extension
(in Dodge County Admin Building)
(920) 386-3790

Dodgeland School District - District Office
(920) 386-4404

Johnson Creek

Johnson Creek Public Library
(920) 699-3741


City of Jefferson Parks, Recreation & Forestry
(920) 674-7700

Jefferson Public Library
(920) 674-7733

Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
(920) 674-4511

Jefferson County Administration
(920) 674-7101

McDermott Top Shop, LLC
(262) 593-2456

School District of Jefferson - District Office
(920) 675-1000

Lake Mills

Club 55 Senior Center Lake Mills
(920) 728-2176

Countryside Jewelry
(920) 648-5755


Area Dental Clinic
(920) 261-0495

Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation
(920) 390-4680

Jefferson Travel
(920) 674-4540

Oswald Konz Financial
(920) 390-4555

Tina Johnson, Mary Kay Cosmetics
(920) 988-6161

Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce
(920) 261-6320

Watertown Area YMCA
(920) 262-8555

Watertown City Hall
(920) 262-4000

Webster Elementary School - School Office
(920) 262-1490

ZBM, Inc.
(920) 262-9471